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ENVERRA CAPITAL is one of the most reputable recovery agency. With one of the highest success rates in the sector, we pride ourselves on being specialists in online trading fraud (forex, crypto, binary options, etc.). We are renowned for our direct approach when dealing with scammers in an attempt to recover our clients’ money.

We have a group of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who are backed up by our legal department. This department sets the legal limits and breaks the most complex defenses while also protecting you from fraudsters.

We are a strong and incredibly successful combination of legal knowledge and financial intelligence.

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ENVERRA CAPITAL makes use of current laws, consumer rights, and unique solutions to guarantee that you receive the most specialized fund recovery service. 

We offer a free consultation service, during which we will give you all the information you need to start your case. 

We are made up of the most qualified lawyers available to resolve cases of any complexity on a global scale. 

We look into every case carefully so that we can give our clients the best possible solution.

 To speed up the processing of your case and improve your chances of success, we consult with financial institutions or banks professionally and interact with them about your case.



Case Analysis - To set up a case, fill out our online form and connect with one of our recovery professionals. We perform an initial assessment based on our experience to determine how the case is likely to result in a significant recovery.Collect The ProofAfter reviewing your case, we gather all the data and documents needed to successfully further your claim.Deal With The EntitiesAfter getting all of the information, we take a methodical approach to dealing with the key organizations that made your money change hands illegally


Collect The Proof - After reviewing your case, we gather all the data and documents needed to successfully further your claim.


Deal With The Entities - After getting all of the information, we take a methodical approach to dealing with the key organizations that made your money change hands illegally


Funding Recovery - Every lost item or money that is found during the case is given to you. One of our main beliefs is delivery.

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Different Types of Scams

In today’s interconnected world, various scams, including those targeting vulnerable individuals, thrive. From deceptive broker reviews to falling victim to being scammed by broker, the tactics are diverse and evolving. Recognizing these scams is crucial for personal and financial protection. Vigilance and awareness are key in safeguarding oneself against these deceptive practices.
1. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Scams: The popularity of Bitcoin has unfortunately paved the way for a parallel rise in fraudulent schemes promising high returns on investment. Phony cryptocurrency exchanges and Ponzi schemes are just a few examples within the broader realm of cryptocurrency scams. As individuals seek to capitalize on the digital currency trend, they become susceptible to scams, often resulting in substantial financial losses.
2. Forex and Phishing Scams: Forex scams lure victims with the promise of quick riches through foreign exchange trading, employing deceptive marketing strategies and engaging with unregulated brokers. Concurrently, phishing scams capitalize on false emails, texts, or websites to trick individuals into divulging sensitive information, such as bank account details or login credentials. These scams exploit individuals’ lack of awareness and trust in online platforms, leading to financial devastation.
3. WhatsApp and Telegram Scams: With the widespread adoption of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, fraudulent activities have found a new avenue for proliferation. Social engineering techniques are employed to deceive users into making payments or revealing personal information, exploiting the inherent trust and reliance placed on these platforms. Such scams highlight the need for vigilance and skepticism, even within seemingly secure digital environments.
4. Identity and Card Frauds: Identity frauds involve the illicit acquisition and misuse of personal data for financial gain, often resulting in significant monetary losses and damage to one’s reputation. On the other hand, card fraud entails the unauthorized use of debit or credit card details, frequently stemming from data breaches or skimming activities. These nefarious practices underscore the importance of robust cybersecurity measures and vigilant monitoring of financial transactions.
5. Fund Transfer and Romance Scams: Fund transfer scams capitalize on individuals’ goodwill and empathy, masquerading as charitable causes or friends in need to illicitly obtain money. Similarly, romance scams exploit individuals seeking companionship online, employing emotional manipulation to extract funds or personal information. Victims of such scams often find themselves not only facing financial losses but also grappling with emotional distress and betrayal. After becoming victims of financial scams or broker fraud, people may be faced with the difficult challenge of recovering their funds. In such cases, it becomes essential to pursue legal action and communicate with the appropriate authorities. Furthermore, reading in-depth broker reviews and being cautious while using digital platforms will help lessen the chance of being a victim of fraudulent activity.

Forex Scam Recovery

Forex trading often draws unauthorized groups of fraudsters, frequently with histories in organized crime, who pose as legal businesses and platforms to lure investors, only to use those platforms to steal money. 

We have a wide range of legal and forensic solutions to help you get the funds that you lost to Forex scammers.

Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery

Cryptocurrency trading is the largest and most common kind of investment taking place worldwide. It’s a trade driven by algorithms that are complex in their structure and appear unbreakable but are frequently stolen at source by unauthorized traders through offshore businesses. 

We have a lot of expertise in this area and have had great success infiltrating the businesses and corporate structures of scammers, as well as recovering stolen money.

CFD Scam Recovery

In this type of investment scams, legal trading, and investment products are used to figure out how much money was made or lost between the beginning and end of a trade. 

We have a tremendous amount of experience in recovering money acquired through this form of fraud using in-depth investigative tactics and legal remedies accessible to us under numerous regulatory legislations.

Online Payment Fraud

An individual or paying entity is forced or duped into transferring an appropriate transaction into an account that is completely managed by the scammer in an online payment or APP fraud. 

To assist you in recovering money lost to such fraud, our specialized team is here for you.

Investment Scam Recovery

Investment scams are fraudulent business schemes used to scam investors out of their money. These scams generally involve the misrepresentation of a product, service, or investment opportunity with the intent to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. 

We have extensive experience in this field and have had excellent success entering scammers’ enterprises and corporate structures, as well as recovering stolen money.



Romance Scam Recovery

Romance scam recovery is an important process for those who have been victimized by online scams, especially those involving false identities and the promise of an intimate relationship. The most important thing for victims of a romance scam to remember is that they are not alone; help and supportive resources are available.

We have a variety of legal methods to assist you in recovering funds lost to scammers.



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