Our Services

Enverra Capital ensures that you receive the most proficient recovery service possible. After it is determined that there has been fraud committed and that the appeal is legitimate, you will be provided with details and instructions on how to start the procedure for receiving a refund. We will determine together what steps are necessary for effectively regaining your lost funds. We offer a free consultation as part of our service, during which we will give you all the details you need to start your case.

Enverra Capital provides scam recovery services to scam victims of fraud or identity theft. These services can involve a wide range of activities, from alerting authorities and legal representation to providing advice on how to protect your identity in the future and helping you explore potential resolutions for your individual case. In some cases, experts may also help you assess if you have a case for reparation if you have lost money due to fraud or other forms of financial crime. Ultimately, scam recovery services aim to alleviate the stress and confusion associated with being scammed while taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of your personal information from malicious actors.

Forex Scam Recovery

Forex traders face numerous security risks, and there are numerous opportunities for fraudsters to steal their money. However, you can get in touch with us and inform the scam if you got tricked by a fake forex broker. Our highly skilled team at Enverra Capital assists traders in getting their money back from forex scams. If you want to speak with our team of qualified Forex scam recovery specialists, don’t be afraid to contact us.

Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery

If you’ve fallen prey to cryptocurrency scams, don’t give up. There are many individuals have successfully recovered Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With a focus on recovering stolen cryptocurrency, Enverra Capital provides a wide variety of cryptocurrency recovery services. We will designate your case to our skilled team which will work with you throughout this challenging process and makes every effort to recover your funds.

CFD Scam Recovery

These kinds of fraud use legitimate trading and investment methods to calculate the profit or loss between an individual trade’s opening and closing positions or values. You can report a scam to us if you ignored all the alerts and fell victim to it. The best course of action is to discuss it with the Enverra Capital team to understand the issue and discover a solution. We continue to use the legal process to acquire funds for the scam victims despite millions of cases having been resolved to date.

Online Payment Scam Recovery

Online payment services are another tool scammers use to trick victims into sending money or products without keeping their part of the bargain. The most secure method of protecting your money is to use mobile payment services with people you know and trust. Make sure they are the ones asking for the money before sending it. Avoid sending money to strangers. Contact Enverra Capital if you believe you sent money to a scammer.

Other Scams

To gain trust and familiarity, scammers frequently employ convincing methods like claiming to be a reputable company and using local area codes. To boost needs, they make claims that are dependent on a specific date. Some of these “Phishing Scams” make use of pictures of cash or rewards, or even images of previous winners.

People are typically most vulnerable in circumstances like a sudden loss of regular money or when retirement is about to happen. It is recommended to stop right away if you were reached by someone offering a fast fix for your most pressing financial issues and they want personal information or money from you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your money is lost eternally if you’ve fallen victim to a scam of any kind.

How We Work

Case Analysis

To set up a case, fill out our online form and connect with one of our recovery professionals. We perform an initial assessment based on our experience to determine how the case is likely to result in a significant recovery.

Collect The Proof

After reviewing your case, we gather all the data and documents needed to successfully further your claim.

Deal With The Entities

After getting all of the information, we take a methodical approach to dealing with the key organizations that made your money change hands illegally.

Funding Recovery

Every lost item or money that is found during the case is given to you. One of our main beliefs is delivery.

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