AMZdoge was operating through an app interface that was very reminiscent of similar Ponzi scams that originated in Asia. Another indication that non-native English speakers were behind the scam is the language AMZDoge used to converse. 

It is an MLM business that caters to the cryptocurrency market. Even the broker’s website contains no information about its employees. The broker’s use of stock photos as staff members on its website raises suspicions. Additionally, they posted a clip in which a paid actor pretended to be a staff member. All of these things serve as evidence of the broker’s fraud and lack of reliability, as well as the riskiness of your assets. struggles to clarify its lies. They organized an FINCEN certificate for an MSB registration to appear legitimate. Typically, offshore scam brokers obtain this license by providing false information.


Amzdoge is an online trading company that claims to make the promise of enabling users to generate passive income. However, the reality is that amzdoge is one of the potential scams. The website can be found at, but currently, it is not in use or suspended. is an offshore dealer that is not subject to the oversight of any respected regulatory body in its area. The broker is permitted to function in many nations without complying with the requirements of a reputable regulatory body. Keep your money out of this broker’s hands if you don’t want to lose your investment.

Amzdoge Product

AMZDoge gave its fictitious trading bot the name “Magic Dog” in keeping with the theme of its website.

They claim that Magic Dog, the company’s most prominent offering, has the ability to extensively mine historical data from important trading platforms all over the globe.

It can achieve completely automated trading and assist you in earning easy money on the digital currency market thanks to built-in core algorithms and technologies. 

Access to AMZDoge’s Magic Dog investment plan cost $10 per month. Affiliates could deposit Tether after paying that fee (USDT).

Every withdrawal incurred a 30% cost from AMZDoge.

Is it safe to invest in Amzdoge?

AMZDoge first appeared in September 2022 or thereabouts. The scheme ran from two main domains under the names AMZDoge and GeoDoge:

On December 12, 2022,’s private registration was last updated. Privately purchased on September 14, 2022, is the domain name “amzdoge.”

Both of the earlier this month accessible websites have been blocked as a result of AMZDoge’s failure. The typical automatic trading nonsense was the basis of AMZDoge’s Ponzi scheme.

Negative reviews and Complaints has a lot of unfavorable reviews, and traders who used this broker have complained a lot about it. This broker has been thoroughly examined by Enverracapital, and as a result of the complaints, negative feedback, and other scam indicators, this broker has been added to the list of scam brokers.

Conclusion is a mysterious website that needs credibility right away. It cannot offer trade services because it lacks a legal license and targets customers from numerous nations. Don’t panic if you used Amzdoge and lost money. 

The good news is that assistance is accessible. The staff at Enverracapital, a specialized community devoted to assisting customers in recovering funds lost online and have assisted customers in recovering millions of dollars.

To get your money back if you fell victim to the fraudulent Amzdoge, file a complaint here. Enverra Capital can take care of your issue and help you get your money back. Before the damage gets noticeably worse, we need to start looking into and fixing the problem.

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