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HankoTrade is a forex broker headquartered in Seychelles without any form of regulation. The only trading platform that the broker offers is MT4, which can be accessed from both desktop and mobile devices. HankoTrade’s list of tradable instruments comprises more than 60 forex pairs, as well as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum; stock indexes, commodities, and precious metals available for CFD trading. Deposits and withdrawals with this broker are exclusively supported on cryptocurrencies, while clients from the US are accepted. If you wish to get an idea of what it would be like to trade with this broker, please refer to the HankoTrade Reviews below or even share your own first-hand experiences!

The owners of Hankotrade have chosen to remain anonymous and the disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage confirms this. We went to their contact page to learn more but it revealed they are operating from Seychelles, an area known for offshore brokers who do not comply with industry regulations. Unfortunately, this means that Hankotrade will also be unable to ensure funds as per trading laws and investors should expect unscrupulous activities if they sign up with them. The lack of transparency regarding who runs this website is a major red flag and investors need to be aware that scammers often refuse members’ withdrawal requests when their identity is hidden. Additionally, the Auk-based phone number that has been given is another cause for concern.

Once you join Hankotrade, they promise a welcome bonus of $100. However, it may not be as beneficial as it seems, as scam artists could require you to pay back your bonus before withdrawing funds. You may have a balance of $1,000 plus the bonus of $100 yet they could demand that another $100 be deposited so they can get $1,200 from you instead. It’s best to stay away from their promotional offers for that reason. 

Hankotrade is using the MT4 trading platform which should work okay, however, it lacks proper security features and can easily be breached without DDoS Protection or SSL Encryption in place. This leaves your credit card details at risk of being accessed by hackers – use platforms that are properly secure!

Is it safe to invest funds with Hankotrade? 

There is no guarantee of security since this platform is anonymous and unlicensed. Furthermore, users’ deposits go straight to the owner’s bank account, making the risk of theft highly likely. Based on this evidence, it is wise to stay away from Hankotrade as it could end up being a scam.

One User’s Review

Hankotrade is a complete scam; they have been known to delete profitable trades after closing and then accuse customers of unethical trading. If a customer simply loses money as a result of their activities, Hankotrade will keep the money regardless of whether or not it was from a trade just before or after the winning one. It has been observed that numerous negative reviews on Trustpilot are removed after being posted for some time, raising doubts about the reliability of this website. Moreover, only positive reviews appear to be left on the page when new customers search for information regarding Hankotrade, leaving them unprepared and vulnerable to being scammed.

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