Regal Capital Group was found to be engaging in dubious business practices and is thought to be a broker scam. The broker allegedly contacts you by phone or email without your consent to discuss credit, loans, investments, or financial advice. It now lacks both an Australian Financial Services (AFS) and an Australian Credit (ASIC) license. Read this complete Regal Capital Group review to know more about the Regal Capital Group scam.

Website –

Address – 5090 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX77056, USA

Warned By – Australian Securities and Investments Commission (Australia)


No authority has authorized or regulated Regal Capital Group. Brokers who are not licensed are exempt from submitting reports to a regulating body. This suggests that you are out of luck if they take advantage of you in any way or if you try to request a withdrawal but they don’t authorize it. Apart from submitting bad Regal Capital Group reviews, there isn’t much you can do because they don’t have to answer anyone.

Reasons to be Wary of Online Investment Scams Operated by Regal Capital Group Llc

  • Your account was frozen by Regal Capital Group Llc.
  • Your account was suspended by Regal Capital Group Llc.
  • You are unable to access your account again.
  • Amounts have been withdrawn from the account.
  • Calls to Regal Capital Group Llc go unanswered
  • The website of Regal Capital Group Llc was taken down.
  • You discovered that Regal Capital Group Llc removed funds from your bank account without your consent.
  • Regal Capital Group Llc is also providing a bonus.
  • After you suffered a significant loss, Regal Capital Group Llc is proposing to add additional funds to the account.

Customers Review

In their Regal Capital Group LLC reviews, the investors had nothing favorable to say about Regal Capital Group. Issues with withdrawals, additional funds, and trading software can all result in users losing their money quickly.

All of these problems may be solved by simply avoiding unregulated businesses and looking for ones that have Tier 1 licenses from governmental organizations like the FCA, ASIC, or BaFin.

Additionally, prior to investing, continually examine trading organizations on the internet. To avoid brokers who are involved in scams, you can also start with our list of forex scammers.

How does the Regal Capital Group scam work? 

You are a prime target for fraudsters if you are looking for a trading platform. Starting off, businesses have several means to contact you, such as internet advertisements, social media, phone calls, and email. Then, in order to begin investing with them, they request a deposit.

After you make an investment with them, they will encourage you to make more deposits. You’ll discover in the future that they are fraud brokers and that you were scammed into falling for a scam. We caution you against ever providing your information without first checking the rules of a broker. 


A deep analysis of the Regal Capital Group broker led us to the conclusion that trading on the Regal Capital Group platform is not safe or secure. Their lack of regulation information demonstrates that they are uncontrolled and may be complicit in the fraud. Starting your trading career with a regulated broker is always a good idea because doing so keeps your money safe. 

If you are a victim of a Regal Capital Group scam or a cryptocurrency scam, forex scam, pet scam, dating scam, investment scam, or other scams, don’t panic because you have the option to file a chargeback for fund recovery. Fill out a complaint form on our website, and our experts will provide you a free consultation, also we will guide you in the process of fund recovery.

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