WT Capital Review – Report a chargeback against WT Capital if you are scammed by WT Capital

Welcome to our WT Capital Review. This post will be discussing the key aspects of a potential scam by WT Capital. We will examine their regulation and security measures, any warnings issued from financial regulators, what trading platforms are available, what you can trade with a WT Capital broker, and what steps you need to take if a WT Capital broker has scammed you. After reading this blog post readers should have a better understanding of whether or not they should consider using WT Capital as a broker.

Website – https://wt-capital.com/

Address – Zurich, Switzerland

Warning – Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Switzerland)

Overview Of Wt Capital Scam

WT Capital was a fraudulent investment company that promised its investors high-yield returns on investments. World Trade Capital (WT Capital) is a forex and CFD broker with a poor presentation of its trading conditions. Their website offers no pertinent information on various account kinds, spreads, leverage levels, and so on. Instead, the account types section offers information on the availability of additional services such as Personalised trading strategy, Senior Account Manager, and so on.

Investors were led to believe their funds were secure and they would receive a steady income from WT Capital’s investments. Unfortunately, many individuals lost their money and retirement savings investing through this scheme. 

Wt Capital Regulation And Security

WT Capital is purportedly owned and run by Media Marketing Ltd., a Swiss corporation. However, the firm lacks a FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) license. WT Capital looks to be registered overseas, in the Republic of Seychelles (as noted in its Terms & Conditions). Offshore locations like this are well known for their low regulation and lack of corporate taxes. Brokers registered in Seychelles are not licensed or regulated by any government. This means that any funds you put into an offshore broker are at risk.

Scam Warnings From Financial Regulators

It’s important to be aware of the risks associated with investing and to carefully review any potential investments. With this in mind, it’s wise to be mindful of scam warnings from financial regulators. WT Capital is warned and blacklisted by the regulatory authority of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Switzerland). 

Trading Platforms 

In the wake of the WT Capital scam, it is important to consider which online trading platforms are available for use. Many reputable online trading platforms exist that offer a variety of features and services. We can only read reviews about the WT Capital trading platform because the broker’s website is defunct. According to reports, this bogus brokerage simply provided the web trader software. As you can expect, this is the least secure trading platform because it is designed by the broker himself, and he has access to all trades, funds, and everything that happens on the platform. 

The leverage provided by the broker is 1:200, which is excessive for an unregulated trading firm. Trading with this company puts your money at too great a risk.

Ultimately, investors need to conduct their due diligence before committing funds to any trading platform.

Trading Assets and Conditions

WT Capital is a brokerage firm that offers many options for trading assets. The broker’s trading asset selection is pretty diverse. Currency pairs, commodities, indexes, stocks, and cryptocurrencies are all available.

The issue arises when you need to deposit funds and open your account. There is no mention of the WT Capital minimum deposit anywhere. You’re probably obtaining more information about payments and deposit methods after speaking with broker workers over the phone.

The brokerage spread is unusually high, 4.1 pips for EUR/USD pairs. In comparison, the industry average spread for the stated pair is 1.5 pips.

Scammed By WT Capital Broker? What To Do?

If you were misled or cheated by a WT Capital broker, you may be able to receive your money back. It is critical to understand that you are not the only victim of the WT Capital scam and that our support team has extensive knowledge of it.

Contact us now over chat and tell us about your experience with this or any other dishonest broker. If you are a victim of the WT Capital scam or any other scam like a forex scam, cryptocurrency scam, romance scam, phishing scam, email scam, or any other investment scam, file a complaint and get a free consultation from our experts. Let us reclaim your hard-earned money!

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